YOCON fourth generation of serum-free culture kit for NK cells is launched!

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YOCON Biology will launch milestone innovative new products successively.

This is the result of continuous development and painstaking optimization by colleagues in the R&D department.

It will have a unique leading role in the industry!

The first new product launch notice at the end of 2021-

Fourth generation of serum-free culture kit for peripheral blood NK cells



Lower requirements for initial blood samples; standard culture of different samples; stable achievement of more than 180-fold cell expansion with more than 70% positive rate; strong induction for special samples; breakthrough in NK cell apoptosis time ......

YOCON new generation of medium for peripheral blood NK cells has many advantages!

Objectively, the previous generation of YOCON product for NK cells is unsatisfactory, mainly due to higher positive rate requirements for initial samples and subsequent maintenance of the stable NK positive rate. If the positive rate of the initial sample is below 8%, CD3+ cells will be prone to be uninhibited, and the proportion of NK cells will be difficult to increase subsequently. This is a concern of the staff of YOCON...

Therefore, YOCON has principally researched the activation induction pathway and factor combinations of NK cells from the NK cell mechanism, and has redeveloped the culture process, finally making major breakthroughs. The new version NK4.0 is characterized by three advantages:

1. Stable culture results and strong induction for special samples

The new version enables normal peripheral blood samples (initial positive rate above 10%) to achieve more than 180-fold expansion of total cell count and more than 70% positive rate within 14-16 days. It still has a good induction for special peripheral blood samples (initial positive rate below 10%), enabling them to achieve more than 180-fold expansion of the total cell count and more than 40% positive rate within 14-16 days. In addition, we have optimized the continuous expansion of NK cells at the later stage in order to meet the requirement of continuous fluid replacement for sustained proliferation after 14 days, with the maximum culture time up to 21 days to reach 4L system. Good results have been obtained in maintaining a stable NK positive rate.

2. Standard operation for different samples      

A majority of cell culture specialists cannot meet the demand of NK cells culture by monitoring density fluid replacement, which is essentially a result of the variation in NK status in different periods due to the instability of the kit. An excellent medium should be so designed as to reduce operator effort, improve process convenience, and achieve almost uniformity in the status and expansion of most samples during culture. YOCON upgraded version 4.0only requires control of the initial PBMC inoculation conditions to perform fluid replacement for culture according to the recommended process without monitoring density, greatly reducing the experience required for NK cell culture specialists.

3. Only 30 mL of initial blood sample required

Our purpose is "customer-focused". It has often been heard that NK cell culture required more than 50 mL of peripheral blood to ensure PBMC inoculation, which caused a lot of customer complaints. Insufficient sample size will affect cell activation, leading to unpredictable results at a later stage. In this version, we adjusted the blood sample size to 30 mL to correspond to 30 million PBMCs for normal culture, reducing the demand of customer’s blood sample and greatly enhancing the convenience of preparation for NK cell culture.

Sample exhibition:

The following normal samples and special samples cultured with peripheral blood NK4.0, showed an excellent induction and stable results.




In the current context of increasingly complex and fierce market competition, innovative pioneers are never afraid of being eliminated. Independent innovation is the heartbeat of YOCON Biology, and also the cornerstone for our sustainable development. This new product launch is another major step for YOCON to challenge itself, demonstrating our determination to vigorously develop into a knowledge intensive company in China in the future.


We will continue to increase investment in R&D, to maintain a high level of innovation vitality with a big ambition. The year-end new product launch preview will come successively. Please stay tuned!