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Yocon virus sampling products were well accepted globally.

FE4800 Automatic Sample Processing and Nucleic Acid Isolation Workstation

This is an integrated workstation for automatic dispensing, processing and extraction of nucleic acid samples within 20 minutes

Product use

With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, rounds of large-scale high-intensity nucleic acid testing and screening have exhausted the nucleic acid extraction staff. In this case, it is an inevitable trend to produce an automatic device for replacement of manual work, in order to obtain the nucleic acid test result after a tube is fed. Targeted at large-scale nucleic acid testing, and without complicated extraction steps, YOCON automatic sample processing and nucleic acid extraction workstation can finish automatic dispensing, processing and extraction of viral nucleic acid samples within 20 minutes, greatly reducing manpower.
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Automatic sample processing and nucleic acid extraction   workstation



Technical parameters

Sample processing

Form of sample   loading and unloading

Put the sampling tube   into the push-pull sample rack and push to load or pull to unload the sample.

Number of tubes that   can be capped simultaneously

Eight channels are   available, enabling 8 sampling tubes capped simultaneously.

Form of sampling tube   capping

In-situ capping:   leave the top of the sampling tube after in-situ attachment for pipetting;   perform in-situ tightening after pipetting to prevent cross-contamination.

Form of sample data   recording

The barcode on the   sample is scanned by photoelectric scanner, which is completed synchronously   with loading.

In-position test of   sample rack

It is designed to   prevent capping failure due to incomplete insertion in place.

Vortex module   positioning

Automatic positioning   and locking is carried out after vortex oscillation to prevent sample rack   shaking.

Form of virus sample   release

In-situ vortex   oscillation is carried out with adjustable frequency and time.

Nucleic acid extraction   flexibility and speed

Nucleic acid   extraction time in quick mode

48 samples/20 min (to   be used with YOCON inactivated sampling tube and three-step extraction   reagent)

Nucleic acid   extraction time in standard mode

48 samples/30 min (to   be used with YOCON non-inactivated sampling tube, sampling tubes and   extraction reagents of other companies)

Maximum number of   samples to be processed in a single cycle

48 servings

Minimum number of   samples to be processed in a single cycle

48 servings

Editable extraction   steps

Program editing is   possible to run one of the steps separately, such as cleaning.

Error-proof design in   unattended mode

Anti-capping failure   design

A position sensor is   available, which senses if the push-pull sample rack is in place to prevent   follow-up capping failure.

Anti-pipette   collision design

A color sensor is   available, which senses if the cap is actually loosened and removed to   prevent equipment loss due to collision with the pipette.

Anti-pipette tip   installation failure design

A TIP sensor is   available, which senses if the pipette tip is installed correctly to prevent   no-load running.

Anti-liquid   inspiration failure design

An air pressure   sensor is available, which senses if it is in contact with liquid to prevent   inspiration of air bubbles.

Error prompt

Errors, if any, will   be shown on the screen, and the device indicator will flash with beep alarm   sounding.


Quantity of   simultaneously pipetted samples

8 channels are available,   enabling simultaneous transfer of 8 samples.

Pipetting spacing   adjustable?

It can be   intelligently, dynamically and automatically adjusted with different tube   spacings during moving.

Pipetted sample   volume range per channel


Pipetting accuracy


Nucleic acid   extraction

Nucleic acid   extraction method

By magnetic bead   method

Nucleic acid   extraction heating module

Available, room   temperature - 100 .

Up-suction magnetic   rod holder

Up- suction magnetic   method enables short extraction time and high efficiency.

Mixed oscillation

Oscillation amplitude   and frequency can be adjusted according to the volume of liquid, to ensure   the mixing effect and prevent overflow.

Temperature safety   module

Both temperature   sensor and temperature protection switch are available to ensure the safety   of equipment and personnel.

Temperature control   range of nucleic acid extraction heating module

± 0.5

Nucleic acid transfer

Nucleic acid transfer   mode

Transfer to a 48-well   plate, or to a 96-well plate or to an 8-plex PCR tube.

Biosafety assurance

Negative pressure   working environment throughout the workstation

Equivalent to B2   level biosafety cabinet

Anti-drip system

The anti-drip module   moves underneath the pipette in real time, to prevent contamination of other   samples by fallen liquid or detached tips in extreme cases.

Disinfection and   sterilization of the operating environment

Efficient UV lamp

Additional safety   cabinet installation issues

Heat sealing of waste

Heat sealing of waste

The used pipette tips   are threw directly into the medical waste bag for disposal before heat   sealing.

Supporting reagents

Virus sampling tube

Multi-optional. YOCON   inactivated sampling tubes, YOCON non-inactivated sampling tubes or others   are allowed.

Nucleic acid extraction   reagent

Multi-optional. YOCON   three-step extraction reagent or YOCON five-step extraction reagent or others   are allowed.

Supporting   consumables

Pipette tips

Standard pipette   tips, 1,000 ul and 50 ul.

Deep-well plate


96-well or 48-well   PCR plate


Equipment control

Technical mode

High performance   computer for industrial control

Supporting program

Upper computer   software

Control mode

Touch screen


12.1" display



Interface mode

Data export,   connection with LIS system and remote control are supported.

General parameters

Working temperature


Working humidity

< 80%,   non-condensing


1,600 mm (W) × 880 mm   (D) × 1,950 mm (H)

Easy equipment   transfer design

The equipment is   lower than the conventional door frame in height and width, and equipped with   load-bearing wheels for easy transfer.

Voltage and power




Product advantages

Tube loading

Virus sampling tubes can be directly loaded without manual pre-dispensing to obtain the nucleic acid test results for the true realization of unattended automation

Sample traceability

The barcode on the sample loaded is automatically scanned, which is completed synchronously with loading. Full traceability and data recording in memory are allowed to ensure that samples are traceable

Automatic oscillation

The in-situ vortex oscillation program is started after loading with adjustable frequency and time to fully release the sample and improve the detection rate. It allows automatic positioning and locking after oscillation to prevent follow-up extraction due to sampling tube displacement

Adjustable pipetting spacing

With multi-optional reagents and consumables, pipetting spacing can be automatically adjusted according to the sampling tube spacing. YOCON’s higher investment guarantees lower use cost of customers

Eight-channel capping

The original automatic capping arm allows simultaneous loosening or tightening of 8 sampling tube caps. The number of channels does not represent the efficiency of sample processing, but the number of samples processed at one time can truly reflect the efficiency

Anti-aerosol contamination

Yocon original air duct against anti-aerosol contamination can effectively prevent “false positive” caused by system contamination

Intelligent early warning

A variety of built-in sensors are available, which will activate the audible and visible alarm programs and notify the corrections in the event of mis-touch in operation, consumables displacement, or inspiration of air bubbles by mistake during reagent inspiration

Automatic dispensing system

Reagents are automatically dispensed to deep-well plates, and nucleic acids are automatically dispensed into 96-well plates at the end of extraction, without manual pipetting throughout the process

Multi-optional reagents and consumables

It is suitable for all octagonal base sampling tubes and magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction reagents available on the market to provide a freer operating experience

Touch screen control

The advanced control system of the mainboard with the screen as an automatic control module, allows extraction process view and touch screen precise control at any time

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